I’m happy for a friend like you,

One who is very special and true.

Decades ago from the day we met,

Your friendship is a treasure I can bet.

Your nature is polite and smile beautiful,

For your inspiring words I’m ever grateful.

I can’t forget your guidance and loving care,

And the funny jokes too that we often share.

Over the years we ever understood each other,

I sincerely wish that we would be friends forever.


[Published in the poetry website ‘HighOnPoems’ on 23 February 2018]



We know not,

What future has in store,

We only know but,

What we have done before.


Never to worry about,

What shall happen next,

Better to think of,

Only to perform best.


Let’s live happily,

In the moment present,

Just relish and cherish,

The good times spent.


[Published in the website ‘iBuzzle’ on 11 February 2014]


Dew-drops,Dew-drops on a flower

Adorn a morn,

Glitter like pearls,

Cling on to cobwebs,

Rest on petals and grass,

As if to herald the golden sun,

And shine with a bright sparkle.


[Published in the poetry website ‘HighOnPoems’ on 21 January 2014]


Do we analyse what we lack?

Do we judge where we stand?

We feel uncomfortable seeing others

Standing on pedestals.

We try to pull them down

Instead of pulling ourselves up.

A sand-clock looks

Half full and half empty.

Why not try to fill up the void?

Perhaps we lack an asset.

The asset of courage,

The courage to move forward,

To judge ourselves,

To assess where we lack.


 [Published in the poetry website ‘Firebird Poetry’ on 23 October 2013]


Time waits for none,

A moment if we shun,

We’ll find the difference,

Its worth, packed with chance.

It can make us or mar us,

Every second depends on us,

Whether we plan properly,

Or be idle, lazy and sleepy.

It’s certainly a great healer,

Also life’s best teacher,

The perfect time is the present,

To utilise it and win a present.


[Published in the poetry websites – ‘Firebird Poetry’ on 7 October 2013 & ‘’ on 9 October 2013]


We are born free,

Yet find ourselves,

Fastened with shackles.


Attachments confine us,

Inflict pain at times,

A search for solace sometimes.


We yearn to break free,

Escape and flee,

To somewhere unknown.


But can we live alone,

Or can we stay long,

In a place unknown?


Responsibilities summon us,

Relationships beckon us,

To bring us back to reality.


[Published in the website ‘’ on 23 September 2013]


Season’s yield,

Granaries filled,


Festival Bhogali.

Uruka evening,

Enjoyment and feasting,

Building the Bhelaghar,

Pranks with the neighbour.

The morning after,

Obeisance to the God of fire,

Burning the tall Meji,

Made of bamboo and paddy.

Sunga pitha, kaath aloo,

Customary delights of Magh Bihu,

With friends and families,

Flavours of Assamese delicacies.


[Published in the poetry website ‘Poetreecreations’ on 8 September 2013]


Short note: Bhogali Bihu is a harvest festival of Assam, a state of North-East India. The festival is celebrated in mid-January, marking the end of the harvest season. Bhogali means feasting and enjoyment. It is also known as Magh Bihu as celebrations are held in the month of Magh, the tenth month of the Assamese calendar. On the eve known as Uruka, people gather for a community feast with friends and families. A variety of dishes that include meat and fish are cooked over wood flame. Using bamboo and paddy, a temporary hut called Bhelaghar and a tall structure known as Meji are built. Merriment continues throughout the night as youths play pranks like stealing vegetables from the neighbour’s garden. Next morning, offerings are made to the God of fire and people enjoy the traditional delicacies like sunga pitha, kaath aloo etc.


Dark clouds of depression

loomed in her mind,

followed by long sighs,

accompanied by sobs.

Few minutes later,

came a heavy downpour

of salty water,

continuing for an hour.

The clock ticked

and as the cell beeped,

a smile peeped

through the wet cheeks.

Had she gone out of her mind

or was there a reason for it?

A misunderstanding?

A coincidence, that’s it!

The name announced on media,

a deceased victim of the blast,

matched with the name

that was close to her heart.

Relief approached

as she answered the beep,

sent to her by one

who was close indeed.


[Published in the e-journal ‘’ in September 2013 issue]


Through an introspection,

One can analyze any reaction.

Situations remain the same,

But we try to put the blame.

When do we feel good?

When do we behave rude?

When everything goes our way,

We feel good, happy, and gay.

If anything turns turtle,

We become unstable.

Circumstances make us dependent.

But, don’t we like to be independent?

Well, attitude should change,

Evade incidents out of range.

Instead of regulating the outer,

We should try managing the inner.

Controlling outer events and past,

A difficult task, but forgetting is a must.

Contriving the inner-self and thoughts,

Would work wonders and achieve lots.


[Published in the website ‘iBuzzle’ on 20 August 2013]


Bad days do not last long,

One should have patience,

To overcome them all.


As the day ends,

Darkness rules all over,

But not for long.


With the change of seasons,

Winter brings about chill,

But not for long.


Trees shed off leaves,

Appear like dead trees,

But not for long.


Hurdles emerge in life,

Rays of hope seem shadowed,

But never for long.


[Published in the website ‘iBuzzle’ on 8 August 2013]


Dreams began to wane

as she faced distress

and she proclaimed

there were lots to express.

Physical tortures

day in and day out,

character assassination

by holding doubt.

Restrain imposed

on pursuing her career,

severe criticism

for not being fair.

Harassment by

demands of dowry

and an heir

on the first delivery.


Her endurance one day

lost the bound

and extreme courage

she finally found.

To get rid

of the evil monster,

she sprinkled pesticide

in a fried lobster.

Hours later,

the neighbours gathered,


they all murmured.

None suspected

it to be a mystery,


she sighed silently.


[Published in the e-journal ‘’ in July 2013 issue]


Behold the beauty of Brahmaputra, (Assam)

Travel to Tawang for tranquility, (Arunachal)

Look at Loktak Lake the lifeline, (Manipur)

Cherish the charm of Cherrapunjee. (Meghalaya)

Cemetery at capital conveys courage, (Nagaland)

Balance on bamboos bring beams, (Mizoram)

Palaces of princes provide pleasure, (Tripura)

Rafting on river renders relish. (Sikkim)


 [Published in the e-magazine ‘Fried Eye’ on 1 February 2012 in Volume III, Issue 3]



The voice of a commoner,

The problems of the poor,

Woes of the downtrodden,

Issues of suffering women,

Anyone to hear their story

And restore lost glory,

By lending a patient ear,

To redeem without fear?

Perhaps, a prolific writer

With mighty pen power,

By delving on violation issues,

Highlighting oppressed issues,

Acknowledging responsibilities,

Shouldering difficulties,

Concerning the victimized masses.


[Published in ‘Utkarsh’, the School Magazine of Vivekananda Kendra Vidyalaya, Umrongso for the year 2011-12]


A rivulet thronged,

Obeisance to the rising sun,


Rituals performed at chill dawn.

Burst of crackers,

Twilight sky illuminated,

Earthen lamps lit,

Fragrance in the atmosphere.

The wait ended,

As the sun appeared on the horizon,

Knee-deep in water,

The devotees offered their oblation.


[Published in the e-journal ‘Indian Review’ on 2 January 2012]


Does she cry in desolation?

Equally gifted with a body

And endowed with a talent indeed,

But abandoned,

As failed to fulfill her parents’ need.


Education in reality,

The light of life,

Tears her cocoon, destroys hibernation,

Her career,

Now breaks barriers of discrimination.


Happiness gained,

Her smile makes the stars twinkle

And she finds love on the horizon,

To celebrate

And cherish moments on a pristine occasion.


[Published in the e-magazine ‘Frog Croon’ in December 2011 issue]


The veil of darkness fell

As refreshing dawn emerged,

The stretch of silence snapped

As feathered friends twittered.

A wish to watch their frolic,

I peeped through the pane,

Oh, but I could perceive

Only a number to name.

A flashback reminded my home…

Our courtyard filled with multitudes,

With hay in their tiny beaks,

To make shelter on our roofs.

Now perhaps, one can figure,

Their reason behind being sparse,

High-rise buildings and apartments,

Social upgradation at large.


[Published in November 2011 issue of ‘Indian Ruminations’, a journal of Indian English Writers]


A secret remains a secret

Till it’s kept a secret,

If once it’s revealed

It doesn’t remain sealed.

All depends upon self-restraint,

The power to retain and refrain,

Indomitable spirit – unyielding,

Sheer determination – untiring.

Aren’t these secrets

Of keeping secrets?

If we try we can succeed,

A resolution to just proceed.


[Published in ‘The Assam Tribune’ on 8 October 2011]


Big dreams and high ambitions

Engulf the young minds,

Desire for a rosy life

Of fame and comfort,

But feelings of despair

Cripple imagination,

When incidents occur

That never wished before.

It’s all right O seekers,

Bravely endure challenges…

The blows shall immune you and

Extract hidden talents from within,

You fall to rise again,

The dawn shall usher new scope,

Hard times come and go,

Pursue and enjoy life’s rainbow.


[Published in ‘Writers Web Well’ on 4 September 2011]


A pleasant day ’twas,

That turned into tears,

Long drive, long journey,

A trip to a distant city.

Left home in the morning,

Dad at the wheel was driving,

Brothers asked me riddles,

I tried to solve the puzzles.

The sun reached overhead,

Sandwiches, sweets we shared,

As destination half-way remained,

A soul-stirring incident happened.

Suddenly the road turned wavy,

The car toppled topsy-turvy,

Rolling once, twice, thrice,

Our tender nerves froze like ice.

I closed my eyes in fear,

O God save us, an earnest prayer,

Then slowly opened my tearful eyes,

But just couldn’t believe my eyes!

Our backs were on the ground,

With countless people all around,

Dad, brothers looked at me,

I heaved a long sigh faintly.

Gradually the crowd dispersed,

Our car lied with wheels upward,

The day in my memories remained,

I thanked God for our lives regained.


[Published in the e-magazine ‘Fried Eye’ on 1 September 2011 in Volume I, Issue 17]


Strolling on the sandy beach,

Enjoying the cool gentle breeze,

I looked at the people around.

Little children built sand-castles,

Young couples sat close together,

Elderly people enjoyed the waves.

My eyes fell upon a pair –

A grandchild and a grandfather,

Talking and munching ground-nuts.

One rising sun, the other setting…

Miles apart, yet, both rising and setting

At the same place – the horizon.


[Published in ‘The Assam Tribune’ on 13 August 2011]


We cry for change,

A better place to live in,

We long for peace,

A world sans misery, fear.

Who shall change?

Do we ever ponder?

Am I not the first?

Oh! Fingers point exterior…

Absolute power is within us,

Only efforts needed to afresh,

Just dare to speak the truth

And bring about a change.


[Published in ‘Creative Thoughts’ on 7 August  2011]


The aroma of green tea,

Palm-laced beaches by the sea,

Beautiful thundering waterfalls,

Shopping spree at the malls,

A rejuvenation with a spa,

Christian pilgrimage in Goa,

Fresh snowfalls shivering the bone,

Pristine perfection carved in stone,

Enchanting wildlife on a safari,

The cushiest ride ever on a Ferrari,

Temple shrines representing reliance,

Heavenly Kashmir witnessing romance,

Expedition towards the majestic summit,

Gurgling rivers meandering proceed,

Just a glance through a kaleidoscope,

Fragments of India’s recreation, wow!


[Published in ‘The Assam Tribune’ on 2 July 2011]


Whoever he may be,

Tom, Dick or Harry,

Wretched poverty stares,

Sternly at his face,

Compelling him to toil,

With exertion and foil,

Losing childhood joy,

Discarding shame and coy,

Deprived of learning,

In course of earning,

To contribute for the family

And get rid of scarcity.

Little did he know,

The world thinks for him so,

Dedicating a day every year,

As World Day Against Child Labour,

Observing it on June 12,

By creating awareness and a wave,

To ban child labour

And protecting him forever.


[Published in the following:

(1) ‘The Assam Tribune’ on 11 June 2011

(2) ‘The Sentinel’ on 26 June 2011 ]


A step to freedom,

If bitter bygones fade,

As deeds all done,

Now cannot be undone.


A step to freedom,

If detachment prevails,

Nothing to call mine,

Sign of a stable mind.


A step to freedom,

If equality perceived,

Decrease in suffering,

Experience of blessing.


A step to freedom,

If senses subdued,

Command with will power,

Command over laziness.


A step to freedom,

If struggle persists,

To escape bondage,

To enjoy liberty.


A step to freedom,

If human nature identified,

Contrast in being and acting,

Harmony of soul and body.


[Published in the magazine ‘The Hudaang’ in April 2011 issue]


Listened to the heart,

It whispered,

Fear not, go on…


Listened to the head,

It said,

O forget, go ahead…


Feelings versus thoughts,

Sandwich between the two,

She knew not what to do…


Dark circles appeared as silhouette,

On the fair and lovely face,

As nights rolled on sleepless…


Feelings caged behind

Mind and intellect,

Days rolled in melancholy…


Beautiful is love sublime,

Not at all on compromise,

Ah! A decision for destiny…


Listened to the heart,

Abound in love sublime,

Fearing not, stepping on…


The red carpet of roses,

Amidst life’s prickly thorns,

To build her Eden…


To make dreams a reality,

By power of love sublime,

A home truly divine.


[Published in the e-magazine ‘’ in March 2011 issue]


I remember those words,

That Shakespeare once wrote –

The world is a stage,

And we are all actors.

Are we really actors?

Do we actually play roles?

Our relationships… oh, yes!

We act in so many roles!

When we are children,

We are with our parents;

When we are parents,

We are with our children.

When we are students,

We are with our teachers;

When we are just souls,

We are with The Supreme Soul.


[Published in ‘The Assam Tribune’ on 27 November 2010]


I like to see –

The sun rising,

The flowers blooming,

A baby smiling,

The stars twinkling.


I like to hear –

The notes of a sitar,

My husband playing the guitar,

The advice from a wellwisher,

The encouraging words of my father.


I like to touch –

The dew-drops on a flower,

The water of a flowing river,

The soft hair of my son,

The lovely sweaters knitted by mom.


[Published in ‘The Assam Tribune’ on 30 October 2010]


Walking down memory lane,

I feel myself fortunate,

I’ve seen colours of nature,

I’ve myriad memories to cherish…

Playing hide-and-seek

And doll’s marriages,

Jumping on puddles

And sailing paper-boats.


Walking through crowded streets,

I feel as if –

Nature’s on the verge of oblivion,

Been replaced by technology…

Playing games on mobile

And watching videos,

Browsing the internet

And viewing the idiot box.


[Published in ‘The Assam Tribune’ on 2 October 2010]


What’s in a name?

You remain the same.

What shall I call thee –

An ocean or a sea?


What’s in a name?

You remain the same.

What shall I call thee –

Lord Krishna or Goddess Kali?


[Published in ‘The Assam Tribune’ on 11 September 2010]


Fingers dance on the strings,

Melodious tunes begin to flow,

Sweet music soothes the ears,

Ah! Relaxation simply serene.

Life’s monotonous sans music,

Music, talent of the Divine

And language of the soul,

Bonds a person with God.

A communication beyond words…

Heals the deepest wound,

Intense emotions outpour gently

And feelings, so sensitive –

Like a tiny dew-drop

Glittering on a tender leaf.


[Published in ‘melange’, the Sunday supplement of ‘The Sentinel’ on 15 August 2010]


Mirror reflects light,

Mind reflects actions.

Wavering thoughts eclipse –

Peace of mind.

Thoughts converged –

Into an idea,

Conceives an art.

Creation becomes possible –

When two merge into one;

Mind and intellect –

When merge together,

Impression takes birth.

Thoughts, words, deeds –

If line-up perpendicular,

Integrity reflects Divinity.


[Published in ‘melange’, the Sunday supplement of ‘The Sentinel’ on 21 March 2010]


An old lady,

Wrinkles stamped on her face,

Greeted me ‘Merry Christmas’,

Invited me to her residence.

Her cottage was simple and cosy,

Filled with love, kindness and humility,

Her daughters welcomed me,

Served dinner with cake and sweet.

With a simple job,

She struggled hard,

To educate her daughters,

Till they stood on their feet.

On Christmas day,

She thanked Jesus,

Invited guests,

Celebrated by serving a feast.


[Published in ‘The Assam Tribune’ on 6 March 2010]


A tale,

Of two pals,

Ego possessed the former;

Self-respect imbibed the latter.


The former faced problems, complained;

The latter solved problems, smiled.

One, choosy and demanding;

Other, suitable and acceptable.



Acquiring jobs

In a corporation,

Standing at the threshold

Of promising careers,

Days rolled on

And the day arrived

For promotion.


Self-respect surpassed,

Ego lagged behind.

Thoughts converted into self-realization,

Truth revealed.


Ego satisfied merely the senses –

“I want this” and “I want that”;

Self-respect implied acceptance –

“I respect this and I accept that”.


To further proceed,

To reach the summit,

‘I’ and ‘my’ be discarded,

‘We’ and ‘ours’ be adopted.


[Published in ‘melange’, the Sunday supplement of ‘The Sentinel’ on 28 February 2010]


Dear Feelings, Horizon,

You inspire me to write on and on.

You’ve provided a platform for many poets,

To express their feelings and thoughts.

Horizon is the place for the sun to rise,

Feelings is the space for the poets to write.

My thanks to you for publishing my poems,

Every Saturday I eagerly wait to read poems.

Through this letter, I wish you Happy New Year,

Long Live Feelings, may you prosper every year.


[Published in the “feelings” column of ‘Horizon’, the Saturday supplement of ‘The Assam Tribune’ on 26 December 2009]