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We know not,

What future has in store,

We only know but,

What we have done before.


Never to worry about,

What shall happen next,

Better to think of,

Only to perform best.


Let’s live happily,

In the moment present,

Just relish and cherish,

The good times spent.


[Published in ‘iBuzzle’ on 11 February 2014]


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Dew-drops,Dew-drops on a flower

Adorn a morn,

Glitter like pearls,

Cling on to cobwebs,

Rest on petals and grass,

As if to herald the golden sun,

And shine with a bright sparkle.


[Published in ‘HighOnPoems’ on 21 January 2014]

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Do we analyse what we lack?

Do we judge where we stand?

We feel uncomfortable seeing others

Standing on pedestals.

We try to pull them down

Instead of pulling ourselves up.

A sand-clock looks

Half full and half empty.

Why not try to fill up the void?

Perhaps we lack an asset.

The asset of courage,

The courage to move forward,

To judge ourselves,

To assess where we lack.


 [Published in ‘Fire Bird Poetry’ on 23 October 2013]

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Time waits for none,

A moment if we shun,

We’ll find the difference,

Its worth, packed with chance.

It can make us or mar us,

Every second depends on us,

Whether we plan properly,

Or be idle, lazy and sleepy.

It’s certainly a great healer,

Also life’s best teacher,

The perfect time is the present,

To utilise it and win a present.


[Published in ‘Fire bird poetry’ on 7 October 2013 & ‘’ on 9 October 2013]


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We are born free,

Yet find ourselves,

Fastened with shackles.


Attachments confine us,

Inflict pain at times,

A search for solace sometimes.


We yearn to break free,

Escape and flee,

To somewhere unknown.


But can we live alone,

Or can we stay long,

In a place unknown?


Responsibilities summon us,

Relationships beckon us,

To bring us back to reality.


[Published in ‘’ on 23 September 2013]

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Season’s yield,

Granaries filled,


Festival Bhogali.

Uruka evening,

Enjoyment and feasting,

Building the Bhelaghar,

Pranks with the neighbour.

The morning after,

Obeisance to the God of fire,

Burning the tall Meji,

Made of bamboo and paddy.

Sunga pitha, kaath aloo,

Customary delights of Magh Bihu,

With friends and families,

Flavours of Assamese delicacies.


[Published in ‘Poetreecreations’ on 8 September 2013]


Short note: Bhogali Bihu is a harvest festival of Assam, a state of north-east India. The festival is celebrated in mid-January, marking the end of the harvest season. Bhogali means feasting and enjoyment. It is also known as Magh Bihu as celebrations are held in the month of Magh, the tenth month of the Assamese calendar. On the eve known as Uruka, people gather for a community feast with friends and families. A variety of dishes that include meat and fish are cooked over wood flame. Using bamboo and paddy, a temporary hut called Bhelaghar and a tall structure known as Meji are built. Merriment continues throughout the night as youths play pranks like stealing vegetables from the neighbour’s garden. Next morning, offerings are made to the God of fire and people enjoy the traditional delicacies like sunga pitha, kaath aloo etc.

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Dark clouds of depression

loomed in her mind,

followed by long sighs,

accompanied by sobs.

Few minutes later,

came a heavy downpour

of salty water,

continuing for an hour.

The clock ticked

and as the cell beeped,

a smile peeped

through the wet cheeks.

Had she gone out of her mind

or was there a reason for it?

A misunderstanding?

A coincidence, that’s it!

The name announced on media,

a deceased victim of the blast,

matched with the name

that was close to her heart.

Relief approached

as she answered the beep,

sent to her by one

who was close indeed.


[Published in ‘’ in September 2013 issue]

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