A pleasant day ’twas,

That turned into tears,

Long drive, long journey,

A trip to a distant city.

Left home in the morning,

Dad at the wheel was driving,

Brothers asked me riddles,

I tried to solve the puzzles.

The sun reached overhead,

Sandwiches, sweets we shared,

As destination half-way remained,

A soul-stirring incident happened.

Suddenly the road turned wavy,

The car toppled topsy-turvy,

Rolling once, twice, thrice,

Our tender nerves froze like ice.

I closed my eyes in fear,

O God save us, an earnest prayer,

Then slowly opened my tearful eyes,

But just couldn’t believe my eyes!

Our backs were on the ground,

With countless people all around,

Dad, brothers looked at me,

I heaved a long sigh faintly.

Gradually the crowd dispersed,

Our car lied with wheels upward,

The day in my memories remained,

I thanked God for our lives regained.


[Published in the e-magazine ‘Fried Eye’ on 1 September 2011 in Volume I, Issue 17]


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