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Bordoichila rushes

To greet her mother,

Enthusiasm turns wild

And some heavy shower.


Proceed of destruction

All throughout the way,

Lightning, thunderstorm,

Trees tremendously sway.


Her advent conveys

Onset of spring season

And Assamese worldwide

Enjoy their Bihu celebration.


[Published in the e-magazine ‘Bordoichila’ on 14 April 2012]

Short note: ‘Bordoichila’ refers to a thunderstorm that hits Assam and the neighbouring states (North-East India) during the spring season every year. As the powerful wind lashes, trees get uprooted causing severe damage to houses, light posts etc. According to a common belief, ‘Bordoichila’ is the name of a bride, who longs to meet her mother and with her long hair unfastened, she dashes towards her home for an annual sojourn.


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Spring has arrived

And Bohag beckons,

Parents await their

Homeward sons.


The cuckoo sings

And kopou blooms,

Dancers dance

To the Bihu tunes.


Tinge of jetuka

On the delicate hands,

Offering Bihuwan

To pay reverence.


Chira, pitha, laru,

Home-made delicacies,

Muga mekhela-chador,

Pride of the ladies.


Dhol, pepa, gogona,

Rendition by Husori,

Merriment fills the aura,

Ah! Spirit of Rongali!


[Published in the e-magazine ‘Bordoichila’ on 15 April 2011]

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