We know not,

What future has in store,

We only know but,

What we have done before.


Never to worry about,

What shall happen next,

Better to think of,

Only to perform best.


Let’s live happily,

In the moment present,

Just relish and cherish,

The good times spent.


[Published in the website ‘iBuzzle’ on 11 February 2014]



He left his footprints,
For us to trail,
His legacy unparalleled,
‘Mahapurush’ we hail.

Born at Bordowa,
Nurtured by his grandmother,
A child prodigy,
His pilgrimage thereafter.

Founded a new cult,
‘Ek Saran Naam Dharma’,
Preached doctrines of ‘Vaishnavism’,
Set up ‘Namghar’ and ‘Satra’.

Composed devotional songs ‘Borgeet’,
Wrote ‘Bhakti Ratnakar’, ‘Kirtan Ghosha’,
Created one act plays ‘Ankiya-Naat’,
Innovated the dance form ‘Satriya’.

An inspiration for all,
A great humanitarian he was,
Enriched Assamese culture and literature,
Lived for hundred and eighteen years.

He is Srimanta Sankardev,
An outstanding personality ever,
A versatile genius of creativity,
The saint, scholar, and reformer.

[Published in the website ‘iBuzzle’ on 3 January 2014]


Born to our great motherland India,

We regard you as ‘Father of the Nation’.

Your greatness was your simplicity,

Your life was an example of integrity.

You followed the teachings of ‘Gita’,

Kabiguru entitled you ‘Mahatma’.

Gandhiji, we love to call you ‘Bapu’,

We, the nation, pay homage to you.


[Published in the website ‘iBuzzle’ on 1 October 2013]


Through an introspection,

One can analyze any reaction.

Situations remain the same,

But we try to put the blame.

When do we feel good?

When do we behave rude?

When everything goes our way,

We feel good, happy, and gay.

If anything turns turtle,

We become unstable.

Circumstances make us dependent.

But, don’t we like to be independent?

Well, attitude should change,

Evade incidents out of range.

Instead of regulating the outer,

We should try managing the inner.

Controlling outer events and past,

A difficult task, but forgetting is a must.

Contriving the inner-self and thoughts,

Would work wonders and achieve lots.


[Published in the website ‘iBuzzle’ on 20 August 2013]


Bad days do not last long,

One should have patience,

To overcome them all.


As the day ends,

Darkness rules all over,

But not for long.


With the change of seasons,

Winter brings about chill,

But not for long.


Trees shed off leaves,

Appear like dead trees,

But not for long.


Hurdles emerge in life,

Rays of hope seem shadowed,

But never for long.


[Published in the website ‘iBuzzle’ on 8 August 2013]


In the corner of her cheeks

There was a sweet smile

That reflected her heart’s contentment

And displayed a horizon of happiness.

A bolt from the blue one day

Crushed her innocent smile,

Concealed her enthusiasm

And made her miserable.

Her cheeks now fail to show

That charming exquisite smile

Which could perhaps make

The faint stars twinkle,

Brighten up myriad lamps,

Kindle hope in the heart of a forlorn.


[Published in the website ‘iBuzzle’ on 20 June 2013]


The cold wind knocks,

And the dead leaves fall,

One after another,

And the tree stands revealed.

A song of sadness flows,

Through the solitary branches,

Feelings of loss and destitute,

Alas! No leaves to swing and smile.

The season has arrived again,

And solitude reigns all around,

I feel sad,

When I look at the fallen leaves.

The wide green leaves that,

Once adorned the huge tree,

Are now brown, scattered, lifeless,

As they lie beneath the bare tree.


[Published in the website ‘iBuzzle’ on 30 May 2013]