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She speaks through her steps,

Dancing and revolving,

Expressing her art,

Going beyond the self,

A bond with the Supreme power,

A complete surrender

Of the mind and the heart,

A performance

Filled with true devotion.


[Published in ‘The Assam Tribune’ on 7 June 2013]


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Sightseers swarm

To catch your glimpse,

Your spray of colours

On the lofty peaks.

Your appearance delights

One and all,

To experience rejuvenation…

A new day, a new life.


[Published in ‘The Assam Tribune’ on 29 September 2012]

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My heart yearns,

To go a long way,

Far across the fields,

Across the echoing hills,

Towards a place enchanting,

Lovely and silent,

Beside a gurgling stream,

Where I can see myself,

My reflection…

And speak out my feelings,

My tormenting desires,

To ease a heavy heart,

In the serene atmosphere.


[Published in ‘The Assam Tribune’ on 11 August 2012]



(Dedicated to my mother)


You smiled at me,

Even though you were in pain,

You sacrificed for me,

Never thought about your gain.


You brought me up,

With lots of love and affection,

You stood by me,

Giving me utmost protection.


You inculcated in me,

Good habits and values,

You patiently taught me,

Prepare savoury menus.


You still care for me,

Although I stay remote,

You are divine to me,

My precious gift from God.


[Published in ‘The Assam Tribune’ on 4 February 2012]

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A secret remains a secret

Till it’s kept a secret,

If once it’s revealed

It doesn’t remain sealed.

All depends upon self-restraint,

The power to retain and refrain,

Indomitable spirit – unyielding,

Sheer determination – untiring.

Aren’t these secrets

Of keeping secrets?

If we try we can succeed,

A resolution to just proceed.


[Published in ‘The Assam Tribune’ on 8 October 2011]

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Creeping slowly,

Each day, every moment,

Through my thoughts,

It haunted, attacked,

Made me miserable.

The enemy,

Mocked at my resolutions,

Began to build its base,

An attempt,

To ruin my imagination.

Helpless, frightened,

I searched for aid everywhere,

To evade the silent enemy,

But none could rescue me

Or provide a defending solution.

One day, exhausted,

I dropped on the floor,

And dormant self-confidence sprang forth!

Ah! I discovered my remedy ultimately!

To overcome fear, the silent enemy.


[Published in ‘The Assam Tribune’ on 24 September 2011]

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Strolling on the sandy beach,

Enjoying the cool gentle breeze,

I looked at the people around.

Little children built sand-castles,

Young couples sat close together,

Elderly people enjoyed the waves.

My eyes fell upon a pair –

A grandchild and a grandfather,

Talking and munching ground-nuts.

One rising sun, the other setting…

Miles apart, yet, both rising and setting

At the same place – the horizon.


[Published in ‘The Assam Tribune’ on 13 August 2011]

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