Listened to the heart,

It whispered,

Fear not, go on…


Listened to the head,

It said,

O forget, go ahead…


Feelings versus thoughts,

Sandwich between the two,

She knew not what to do…


Dark circles appeared as silhouette,

On the fair and lovely face,

As nights rolled on sleepless…


Feelings caged behind

Mind and intellect,

Days rolled in melancholy…


Beautiful is love sublime,

Not at all on compromise,

Ah! A decision for destiny…


Listened to the heart,

Abound in love sublime,

Fearing not, stepping on…


The red carpet of roses,

Amidst life’s prickly thorns,

To build her Eden…


To make dreams a reality,

By power of love sublime,

A home truly divine.


[Published in the e-magazine ‘’ in March 2011 issue]