March on, O comrades!

Shed off weariness,

Myriad milestones


Many more miles to stride…

Promises to abide by,

Thousand homes to


Dedication for a cause,

Contributions towards


We assemble to meet,

Dine, discuss and decide,

Protection of rights to


Long life of the Union…


[Published in the souvenir ‘Spectrum’ at the 19th Conference of NEEPCO Workers’ Union held from 19 to 21 March 2016]



Days pass by

and I sometimes


Why do we do

certain things?

Helping an old man

to cross the street

and helping a child

who has lost his way.

Perhaps, for the

love of mankind

and sympathy

towards one another,

that we go forward

to extend

a helping hand

even to a stranger.


[Published in the e-journal ‘’ in January 2014 issue]


She kept awake

whole night long,

her eyelids

refused to bow

and a thought


round and round.

Seconds, minutes

and hours gone,

slumber stood

at the threshold,

the moon sailed

through the sky

reflecting light

all around

but her thought


round and round.

She felt miserable

and it seemed as if

huge black curtains

were forcefully

pulled before her,

blocking her vision

of radiant light,

leaving her

farthest behind,

leaving her

all alone,

all by herself.


[Published in the e-journal ‘’ in November 2013 issue] 


O winged ones,

You come in thousands

From distant lands

To enjoy the cool lap

Of the winter season

And enjoy your sojourn.

Don’t you feel weary

Flying across the miles?

I overwhelm with

Feelings of wonder

As I observe your unity,

Strength and splendour.


[Published in the poetry website ‘’ on 10 October 2013]


My mind was filled

With too many thoughts,

Thoughts of the past,

Thoughts of the future,

Thoughts about my near and dear;

I began to worry,

I was unhappy,

I felt so heavy.

One night, I saw in a dream,

A stranger on a train

Sitting opposite to me

And asking me,

‘Why are you unhappy?’

I was shocked!

Had he the power to read my mind?

He said slowly,

‘Let go everything,

Fix your mind on the Almighty,

Think of Him

And He shall think about you.’

I woke up with a start!

Who was this stranger?

I thought,

Well, let me try.

I let go everything,

Began to think of Him,

My worries disappeared,

I felt so happy and so light!


[Published in the poetry website ‘Poetreecreations’ on 15 August 2013]


In the corner of her cheeks

There was a sweet smile

That reflected her heart’s contentment

And displayed a horizon of happiness.

A bolt from the blue one day

Crushed her innocent smile,

Concealed her enthusiasm

And made her miserable.

Her cheeks now fail to show

That charming exquisite smile

Which could perhaps make

The faint stars twinkle,

Brighten up myriad lamps,

Kindle hope in the heart of a forlorn.


[Published in the website ‘iBuzzle’ on 20 June 2013]


She speaks through her steps,

Dancing and revolving,

Expressing her art,

Going beyond the self,

A bond with the Supreme power,

A complete surrender

Of the mind and the heart,

A performance

Filled with true devotion.


[Published in ‘The Assam Tribune’ on 7 June 2013]


Unpleasant feelings veil her

And she laments in agony,

Helplessly observing from the horizon…

Evergreen trees and dense forests

Mercilessly being cut and cleared,

Modern endeavours by humans

Damaging the beautiful environment.

She sheds tears in pain

And makes a silent appeal…

Plant and conserve trees,

Make the surroundings green,

Love Nature, save environment.


[Published in ‘Your Space’ of the e-journal ‘Muse India’ on 5 June 2013]


The cold wind knocks,

And the dead leaves fall,

One after another,

And the tree stands revealed.

A song of sadness flows,

Through the solitary branches,

Feelings of loss and destitute,

Alas! No leaves to swing and smile.

The season has arrived again,

And solitude reigns all around,

I feel sad,

When I look at the fallen leaves.

The wide green leaves that,

Once adorned the huge tree,

Are now brown, scattered, lifeless,

As they lie beneath the bare tree.


[Published in the website ‘iBuzzle’ on 30 May 2013]


Sightseers swarm

To catch your glimpse,

Your spray of colours

On the lofty peaks.

Your appearance delights

One and all,

To experience rejuvenation…

A new day, a new life.


[Published in ‘The Assam Tribune’ on 29 September 2012]


My heart yearns,

To go a long way,

Far across the fields,

Across the echoing hills,

Towards a place enchanting,

Lovely and silent,

Beside a gurgling stream,

Where I can see myself,

My reflection…

And speak out my feelings,

My tormenting desires,

To ease a heavy heart,

In the serene atmosphere.


[Published in ‘The Assam Tribune’ on 11 August 2012]


O mother, let me acknowledge

your selfless toil and pristine love

that you’ve always showered on me

and guided me to the right path in life.

Even today, when I’m beside you,

your face beams with sheer delight

and your tender heart can understand

all my emotions even though it’s a trace.

Sacrifice, patience, trust…

ever shine through your actions,

wisdom, affection, inspiration…

ever reflect in your words.

You led me by example and

instilled courage to face challenges,

your vision – noble and lofty,

Oh! I simply admire your simplicity.

Inculcating values and self-reliance,

you taught me how to be independent,

I’m always proud of you, dear mother,

O God, take care of her forever.


[Published in ‘Your Space’ of the e-journal ‘Muse India’ on 2 February 2012]


Nature embellishes with

The advent of autumn,

The blooming of sewali,

The swaying of kohuwa,

To herald Divine Mother,

Who alights with her children,

For an annual sojourn,

Bedecked in ornaments,

Equipped with weapons,

To represent

Elimination of evil

And symbolize

Victory of the virtuous.

Her earthly sojourn

Delights every worshipper,

Enthralls the youngsters

And elderly equally,

To the rhythm of dhak,

To the sound of uruli,

To the illuminated mandap,

To the instant jalebi.

Her sojourn ends

On the tenth day

Of the moon’s phase

And she proceeds

Towards the river

With divine grace,

Along with the crowd

Who follows her

With utmost reverence.


[Published in the e-magazine ‘’ in October 2011 issue]


Creeping slowly,

Each day, every moment,

Through my thoughts,

It haunted, attacked,

Made me miserable.

The enemy,

Mocked at my resolutions,

Began to build its base,

An attempt,

To ruin my imagination.

Helpless, frightened,

I searched for aid everywhere,

To evade the silent enemy,

But none could rescue me

Or provide a defending solution.

One day, exhausted,

I dropped on the floor,

And dormant self-confidence sprang forth!

Ah! I discovered my remedy ultimately!

To overcome fear, the silent enemy.


[Published in ‘The Assam Tribune’ on 24 September 2011]


Life ceases,

not for the soul

that travels through

myriad earthly bodies

between births and deaths,

untiring, undying.


The solitary traveller

enters and exits,

detached and peaceful

throughout the journey,

sans belongings,

sans company.


[Published in ‘Your Space’ of the e-journal ‘Muse India’ on 8 July 2011]


The words shattered

His countless dreams

And he could imagine

His sand castles being

Knocked down by waves.

Remaining days could be

Counted on his fingers…

Alas! So much left undone.

Being stable was

His sole shield.

Wise proverbs instilled hope

To his flickering mind –

‘A friend in need

Is a friend indeed’

And amazing indeed!

His friend stood beside,

With smiles of gratitude,

To donate an organ,

To shower love and charity,

To a helpful soul-mate,

Whom he owed his life,

His humble effort,

To save his friend,

To save a precious life.


[Published in ‘melange’, the Sunday supplement of ‘The Sentinel’ on 15 May 2011]


She appears bright as ever

At the onset of night,

Steadily wades across the canopy

Amidst the twinkling stars.

Her phases attract the star-gazers

And elegance fascinates the composers,

I stare at her mesmerized,

Admire her queenly grace.

She reigns in the dark hours,

Sprinkles silvery light around…

But her shine fades down

As her benefactor arises –

Majestically from the eastern horizon

To sustain life all around.

She’s no match with the reverend,

But in shape and shine during the nights,

Oh! She has some moments though

To outshine and prove her might.

She shuns her majesty’s brilliance,

Casts a shadow to form a night,

Displays her feat to myriad spectators

Watching the eclipse, a celestial sight.


[Published in ‘melange’, the Sunday supplement of ‘The Sentinel’ on 12 December 2010]


Can I not sing a song

In appreciation for ‘Melange’?

My journey started

With the magnificent magazine –

The issue on every Sunday,

On one fine day,

When I picked up the weekly,

Browsed the pages that

My eyes fell upon,

Read quite a few features,

Admired the beautiful compositions,

Usage of English language

And began to learn…

Facts about our motherland –

Culture, communities, civilization,

Little things about little ones,

Informative titbits, counselling tips,

Contributions of illustrious personalities,

Significance of festive proceedings.

My experience…’twas truly inspiring.

So, can I not sing a song

In praise of ‘Melange’?


[Published in ‘melange’, the Sunday supplement of ‘The Sentinel’ on 7 November 2010]


Oh! Precious drops,

A view crystal clear,

Life without you,

A complete mess,

Perhaps a nightmare.

Your pleasant existence

Sustains survival,

To blades of grass,

Green paddy fields,

Greenery spreading out –

Touching the horizon,

Every living creature,

The chirping birds,

Flocks and herds,

Mankind as well.

A clarion call,

For each individual –

Let’s join hands,

With purpose and mission,

To save every drop,

Every single day,

And live in fellowship,

Harmony with nature,

For healthy living,

Benefitting mutual welfare.


[Published in ‘The Assam Tribune’ on 6 November 2010]


Judgement day arrived to

Determine success and failure.

Festivity and celebration

Ruled the institutions…

Sense of pride glowed

In the faces of those

Who had expectations,

Glorious smile shone

On the cheeks of those

Who burnt midnight’s oil;

Except for the bulk

Who remained unsuccessful…

Depression, fear, shame

Reigned the pale young faces,

Feelings of guilt reflected

In the eyes of those

Who whiled away time.

But, my heart pained

For those unfortunate innocents –

Who just recovered from

Encephalitis or glaucoma,

And those puppets of fate

Who tried to cope with the loss

Of a parent or sibling.

Questions whirl in my mind

And I do wonder…

Can three hours judge the

Performance of tender brains –

Their intelligence, their brilliance?

The silent sufferers,

Tagged as failures,

Shed tears in solitude,

Their dreams being eclipsed –

Stare towards a bleak future.


[Published in ‘melange’, the Sunday supplement of ‘The Sentinel’ on 31 October 2010]


I lost touch with you

For so many years,

But when I think of you,

It seems like –

Time is passing by

Yet, everything between us

Remain just the same.

Meeting you was

An unforgettable moment,

Meeting you again would be

The happiest moment.

I reminisce

Your care and attention,

Your association and deep bond.

My wish has

Turned into a dream

And I wish to

Realise my dream.


[Published in ‘melange’, the Sunday supplement of ‘The Sentinel’ on 3 October 2010]


As I opened the gate,

I heard a noise,

In the bush nearby.

I stopped and looked.

I found a little bird scuffle,

Between the fence and the bush.

I picked it up and

Brought it home.

The cute little bird was beautiful,

With green feathers, a blue neck

And a red patch on its head.

I tried to feed it,

But it looked sad.

It got hurt,

In one of its wings

And one of its legs.

I thought of putting it

In a cage and

Watching it everyday.

But then, I decided.

Little bird, fly away.


[Published in ‘melange’, the Sunday supplement of ‘The Sentinel’ on 11 July 2010]


One-horned rhinocerosThey hacked the horn of

An innocent wobbly denizen.

Alas! It’s truly questionable –

Men of lame justification,

Whom are you hacking?

A mere animal for its horn

Or the state’s glory

Nay, the world’s pride?

Don’t your hearts bleed

When you bleed it to death?

Perhaps, you possess

Wretched hands of cruelty,

But terribly lack

The most precious asset –

An inner voice.


[Published in ‘melange’, the Sunday supplement of ‘The Sentinel’ on 4 July 2010]


Why is misery

Ruling the world?

We strive for pleasure

But land up with misery!

As clocks tick

And moments fleet,

We slowly realize –

Misery is a teacher,

Showing us the path

To face life’s realities.


[Published in ‘The Assam Tribune’ on 19 June 2010]


A sea of knowledge,

Gradually switched over

To a sea of ignorance,

And a veil of darkness

Prevailed in every

Nook and corner.

Desperate souls tried

Their level best,

To lift the veil

But went in vain.

Seeking the Divine,

The source of light,

Every soul strived

To peel off –

Each powerful ruling vice,

Attached to their bodies.

And lo!

The veil of darkness

Drifted away and

Light began to flow.


[Published in ‘melange’, the Sunday supplement of ‘The Sentinel’ on 30 May 2010]


A daring voyage,

We sail in a ship

Amidst mighty torrents

On a turbulent sea,

Swaying hither and thither,

Making way across

Rapid high-rise waves,

Waves of terrorism,

Bullets and blasts.


[Published in ‘The Assam Tribune’ on 29 May 2010]


One evening I sat alone

On the verandah

And looked up towards the sky.

All of a sudden,

A shooting star passed by.

I thought for a moment –

What shall I wish?

I wondered and wondered.

Then, a beautiful thought

Came to my mind.

I felt as if God said something

In my ears, silently.

I closed my eyes and wished –

Let there be no chaos

And confusion anywhere

But only happiness, love

And peace everywhere.


[Published in ‘The Assam Tribune’ on 20 March 2010]


Those golden days

Amidst fun and frolic,

Those cherished moments

Of smiles and laughter,

Are they not clinging

On our vine of memory?

Can we let them

Just fade into oblivion?

In our march

At breakneck speed,

To sustain in

This illusionary world,

Can we not

Keep in touch,

And associate again,

To reunite,

In a reunion?

Can we not

Spare some moments,

To lift our heads,

From the hectic schedule

Of our monotonous life,

To enliven our spirits,

And afresh rejuvenation,

Preserve our memories

From the brink of oblivion?


[Published in the website of Assam Engineering College 1984-89 Batch on 17 March 2010, on the occasion of their First Get-together]


(Dedicated to the youth)


When I was young,

My teacher once asked me,

What will I be,

When I grow up.

I replied, ‘a teacher’.

But today,

In this age of kalyug,

I feel –

Each one of us,

Should strive to be,

A good human being first.


[Published in ‘The Assam Tribune’ on 27 February 2010]


On a Sunday evening,

Swinging on a swing,

I remembered a saying –

‘Work while you work,

Play while you play.’

I pondered awhile

Exploring significance.

Does it mean concentration

Or detachment

Or perhaps,

A harmony between the two.

Though different, yet inseparable,

One cannot sustain without the other.

Just like

Energy and matter,

Metaphysical and mundane,

Soul and body.


[Published in ‘The Assam Tribune’ on 28 November 2009]