She engrosses her lovely name,

As the first spectator of the rising sun,

Her picturesque beauty conceals within,

If tourist destinations remain undone.


Mighty Siang River flows across her,

Also Lohit, Tirap, Kameng, Subansiri,

Amidst the valleys towards the plains,

To cultivate crops, produce electricity.


Bhalukpong on her foothills greets visitors,

Tipi attracts numerous orchid lovers,

Tawang Memorial salutes her war heroes,

Snow-clad Sela Pass delights travellers.


Itanagar is her capital and hornbill, the state bird,

Apong, the local brew and chubas, the local dress,

Sanctuaries, monasteries, fair at Parasuram Kund,

Losar, a festival and Ajilhamu, a colourful dance.


She’s home to several major native tribes,

A house of exotic flora and endangered fauna,

An enlightening adventure to discerning trekkers,

A treasure-trove of natural scenic splendour.


[Published in ‘Spark’ of ‘The Arunachal Times’ on 12 March 2011]