Topic: “What has contributed to the success of the Congress Party in the recent Assembly elections in Assam?”

The Congress Party came to power again for the third consecutive term. One of the reasons may be because the Opposition parties failed to unite and gain confidence from the masses. To win in an election, unity among members, well-planned agendas, clear vision for development, strategies to conduct campaigns, etc., are utmost essential, but it has been observed that instead of focussing on abilities, rectifying their follies after two defeats and acquiring trust from the public, the parties tried to dethrone the ruling party by making allegations. Moreover, endeavours for consolidating their positions at the grassroots were also needed. AGP, which had ruled twice before, faced defeat perhaps due to dearth of able leadership and disharmony among themselves. On the other hand, negotiation for peace talks helped Congress to some extent in springing back to power. Besides, being in power for a decade also helped the ruling party in winning seats.

[Published in the column ‘People Speak’ in ‘Sunday Reading’, the Sunday supplement of ‘The Assam Tribune’ on 5 June 2011]