March on, O comrades!

Shed off weariness,

Myriad milestones


Many more miles to stride…

Promises to abide by,

Thousand homes to


Dedication for a cause,

Contributions towards


We assemble to meet,

Dine, discuss and decide,

Protection of rights to


Long life of the Union…


[Published in the souvenir ‘Spectrum’ at the 19th Conference of NEEPCO Workers’ Union held from 19 to 21 March 2016]


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Deuta’s journey to the heavenly abode on 23 February 2015 at International Hospital, Guwahati due to cardiac arrest, has left a deep void in my life. Departure to another world is a harsh reality but this inevitable fact is really being hard for me to accept.

Deuta was born on 14th April 1935 to Late Dr.Dharani Kanta Baruah and Late Kusum Kumari Baruah of Madhyam Khanda, North Guwahati. Dr.Ramani Kanta Baruah, as he was known, received education started at Chenikuthi Primary School, Guwahati, followed by Kamrup Academy, Guwahati and Sipajhar High School, Sipajhar. In 1952, he passed matriculation examination from Barpeta Govt. H.E. School and then I.Sc (Intermediate Science) from Cotton College, Guwahati.

After his MBBS degree from Assam Medical College, Dibrugarh, he started his career as Medical Officer at Assam Oil Company in 1963, posted at Digboi. Assam Oil Company was then owned by the British and later it merged with Indian Oil Corporation and a new division was set up known as Assam Oil Division.

He married Tarini, my mother on 23 January 1967. In 1972, he completed DLO (Diploma in Oto Laryngology) from GSVM Medical College, Kanpur. His service continued as Additional Chief Medical Officer (ENT) in IOC (AOD) Hospital, Digboi. He got promoted to become Principal Medical Officer in 1992. After 31 years of service, he retired on 30 November 1994. Since 1995 he has been staying in his residence at Jironi, Ashok Path, Survey, Beltola, Guwahati.

Deuta involved himself in various activities. He was a life member of Indian Medical Association, Indian Red Cross Society, IMA Academy of Medical Specialities, Doctors Guild and also a member of Association of Otolaryngologist of India. As a doctor, he was always compassionate towards his patients.

There shall be short of space if I right down all about him. I always feel fortunate to have him as my father and I believe that it is God’s blessings. Deuta is my strength, my inspiration. His advice, guidance and confidence in me has helped me to step forward in my life.

Deuta loved to play sitar and during his years in college he participated in various competitions and bagged prizes. He taught me to play sitar when I was in class 7. We both performed sitar recitals (duet) in Digboi accompanied by my brothers Dulumoni on table and Janmoni on the harmonium.

There was always a strong attachment between Deuta and me and I knew that he loved me the most. We were like friends and he shared many things with me. Our choices, likes and dislikes were also similar. He always lent a patient ear when I told him about any of my problems. I felt relieved when he showed me the ways how to solve them.

He had a magnetic personality and I specially admired his wonderful art of speaking. Punctuality, discipline and hard work were the keys of his successful career. He performed his duties with great devotion, determination and dedication.

Deuta’s demise is a personal loss to me physically but he shall be omnipresent through his blessings and memories. I offer my sincere prayers for his eternal peace.


[Published in the souvenir ‘Xomoy Balir Khujbur’ on 5 March 2015]

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We know not,

What future has in store,

We only know but,

What we have done before.


Never to worry about,

What shall happen next,

Better to think of,

Only to perform best.


Let’s live happily,

In the moment present,

Just relish and cherish,

The good times spent.


[Published in ‘iBuzzle’ on 11 February 2014]

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Dew-drops,Dew-drops on a flower

Adorn a morn,

Glitter like pearls,

Cling on to cobwebs,

Rest on petals and grass,

As if to herald the golden sun,

And shine with a bright sparkle.


[Published in ‘HighOnPoems’ on 21 January 2014]

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Days pass by

and I sometimes


Why do we do

certain things?

Helping an old man

to cross the street

and helping a child

who has lost his way.

Perhaps, for the

love of mankind

and sympathy

towards one another,

that we go forward

to extend

a helping hand

even to a stranger.


[Published in ‘’ in January 2014 issue]

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He left his footprints,
For us to trail,
His legacy unparalleled,
‘Mahapurush’ we hail.

Born at Bordowa,
Nurtured by his grandmother,
A child prodigy,
His pilgrimage thereafter.

Founded a new cult,
‘Ek Saran Naam Dharma’,
Preached doctrines of ‘Vaishnavism’,
Set up ‘Namghar’ and ‘Satra’.

Composed devotional songs ‘Borgeet’,
Wrote ‘Bhakti Ratnakar’, ‘Kirtan Ghosha’,
Created one act plays ‘Ankiya-Naat’,
Innovated the dance form ‘Satriya’.

An inspiration for all,
A great humanitarian he was,
Enriched Assamese culture and literature,
Lived for hundred and eighteen years.

He is Srimanta Sankardev,
An outstanding personality ever,
A versatile genius of creativity,
The saint, scholar, and reformer.

[Published in ‘iBuzzle’ on 3 January 2014]

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আমি সকলোৱে ভগৱানক বিশ্বাস কৰোঁ আৰু দেৱালয় দৰ্শন কৰি ধূপ-চাকি জ্বলাই প্ৰাৰ্থনা কৰোঁ | “দেৱালয়” দুটা শব্দৰে গঠিত – “দেৱ” আৰু “আলয়” | “দেৱ” মানে দেৱতা বা দেৱী আৰু “আলয়” মানে ঘৰ | সাধাৰণ অৰ্থত দেৱী-দেৱতাৰ ঘৰ | ইয়াক মন্দিৰ, ধাম, দ’ল বুলিও কয় | অসমৰ নানা ঠাইত বহুতো বিখ্যাত দেৱালয় আছে |

১. কামাখ্যা

কামাখ্যা শক্তিপীঠ গুৱাহাটীৰ নীলাচল পাহাৰত অৱস্থিত | এই দেৱালয়লৈ ভাৰতৰ বিভিন্ন ঠাইৰ পৰা অলেখ ভক্ত আহে মনৰ কামনা পূৰণৰ বাবে | বহুত পৌৰাণিক কথা এই মন্দিৰৰ লগত জড়িত আছে | নৰকাসুৰ নামৰ এক অসুৰে কামাখ্যা দেৱীক বিয়া কৰিবলৈ বিচাৰিছিল | অসুৰটোৱে প্ৰস্তাৱটো দিয়াত দেৱীয়ে এটা বুদ্ধি সাজিলে | তেওঁ নৰকাসুৰক ক’লে যে যদি এৰাতিৰ ভিতৰতে সি নীলাচল পাহাৰৰ তলৰ পৰা ওপৰত থকা মন্দিৰলৈ এটা চিৰি সাজিব পাৰে তেন্তে তেওঁ তাৰ সৈতে বিয়া হ’ব | নৰকাসুৰে স্বৰ্ত্তটো মানি ল’লে আৰু ৰাতি হোৱাৰ লগে লগে কামত লাগিল | চিৰিটো প্ৰায় সম্পূৰ্ণ হ’বলৈ ধৰাত দেৱী বিপাঙত পৰিল | তেওঁ তেতিয়া কুকুৰা এটাক ডাক দিয়ালে আৰু পুৱা হ’ল বুলি ঘোষণা কৰিলে | নৰকাসুৰ হাৰিল | সেই আধা সজা চিৰিটোক “মেখেলা উজোৱা পথ” বুলি জনা যায় |

২. নৱগ্ৰহ

এই দেৱালয় গুৱাহাটীৰ দক্ষিণ-পূব দিশে থকা চিত্ৰাচল পাহাৰৰ ওপৰত অৱস্থিত | ৰবি, চন্দ্ৰ, মঙল, বুধ, বৃহস্পতি, শুক্ৰ, শনি, ৰাহু আৰু কেতু – এই ৯টা গ্ৰহক ইয়াত পূজা কৰা হয় |

৩. দৌল-গোবিন্দ

উত্তৰ গুৱাহাটীৰ ৰজাদ্বাৰ অঞ্চলত এই দেৱালয় অৱস্থিত | ইয়াত নিতৌ পূজা-অৰ্চনা কৰা হয় আৰু শেষত সকলো ভক্তকে ভোগ বিতৰণ কৰে| দৌল পূৰ্ণিমাত এক আনন্দমুখৰ পৰিবেশ দেখা যায় |

৪. উমানন্দ

গুৱাহাটীৰ পৰা কিছু নিলগত ব্ৰহ্মপুত্ৰ নদীৰ এক দ্বীপত এই দেৱালয় অৱস্থিত | হিন্দু শাস্ত্ৰৰ মতে এই ঠাই ভগৱান শিৱই সৃষ্টি কৰিছিল তেওঁৰ পত্নী “উমা”ৰ আনন্দৰ বাবে | সেয়ে নামকৰণ হ’ল “উমানন্দ” |

৫. মহাভৈৰৱ

এই প্ৰসিদ্ধ দেৱালয় তেজপুৰত অৱস্থিত | শিৱৰাত্ৰিৰ দিনা ইয়াত বহুতো ভক্তৰ সমাগম হয় | ইতিহাসৰ মতে, ই বহুত পুৰণি আৰু শিলেৰে নিৰ্মিত | ভূমিকম্পত কিছু অংশ নষ্ট হোৱাত নতুনকৈ নিৰ্মাণ কৰোঁতে চিমেন্ট, বালি আদি ব্যৱহাৰ কৰা হৈছিল |

৬. শিৱ-দ’ল

শিৱসাগৰৰ বিশাল বৰপুখুৰীৰ পাৰত এই দেৱালয় অৱস্থিত | শাওণ মাহত ইয়ালৈ বহুতো তীৰ্থযাত্ৰী আহি শিৱলিঙ্গত পৱিত্ৰ পানী আৰু গাখীৰ ঢালি পূজা কৰে |


[প্ৰকাশ: ‘আৰম্ভণি’; তাৰিখ: ১৯ ডিচেম্বৰ ২০১৩]

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