Mother Nature gives you birth,

As golden sun-rays touch the earth,

Chasing away shades of darkness,

Brightening your beautiful face.


You sparkle with freshness,

You sprinkle around happiness,

Awaken people from deep slumber,

To march forward and shine brighter.


Closed buds prepare for bloom,

Fresh roses adorn my room,

And I simply love to hear,

The tiny feathered friends twitter.


Fragrance of burning incense,

Purifies the air with radiance,

With the cool gentle breeze,

Presenting a caress of perfect bliss.


Nature lovers consider you a boon,

Nocturnal activators say, you appear soon,

In fact, you’re a harbinger of hope,

To discover new horizons and better scope.


[Published in the e-magazine ‘Enajori.com’ in February 2011 issue]


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