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Do we analyse what we lack?

Do we judge where we stand?

We feel uncomfortable seeing others

Standing on pedestals.

We try to pull them down

Instead of pulling ourselves up.

A sand-clock looks

Half full and half empty.

Why not try to fill up the void?

Perhaps we lack an asset.

The asset of courage,

The courage to move forward,

To judge ourselves,

To assess where we lack.


 [Published in ‘Fire Bird Poetry’ on 23 October 2013]


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Time waits for none,

A moment if we shun,

We’ll find the difference,

Its worth, packed with chance.

It can make us or mar us,

Every second depends on us,

Whether we plan properly,

Or be idle, lazy and sleepy.

It’s certainly a great healer,

Also life’s best teacher,

The perfect time is the present,

To utilise it and win a present.


[Published in ‘Fire bird poetry’ on 7 October 2013 & ‘’ on 9 October 2013]


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