O winged ones,

You come in thousands

From distant lands

To enjoy the cool lap

Of the winter season

And enjoy your sojourn.

Don’t you feel weary

Flying across the miles?

I overwhelm with

Feelings of wonder

As I observe your unity,

Strength and splendour.


[Published in the poetry website ‘’ on 10 October 2013]


2 thoughts on “SEASON SOJOURN

  1. loujenhaxmyor October 22, 2013 / 1:51 am

    Although this speaks of seasonal migrations, it reminds me of the everyday travels of thousands of black crows that cross my house at 5pm and end up in the trees at one of our local malls five miles away. There are also several hundred parrots that head to their nests in the palm trees of a nursing home at sundown. Thanx for sharing your poem with us.


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