Judgement day arrived to

Determine success and failure.

Festivity and celebration

Ruled the institutions…

Sense of pride glowed

In the faces of those

Who had expectations,

Glorious smile shone

On the cheeks of those

Who burnt midnight’s oil;

Except for the bulk

Who remained unsuccessful…

Depression, fear, shame

Reigned the pale young faces,

Feelings of guilt reflected

In the eyes of those

Who whiled away time.

But, my heart pained

For those unfortunate innocents –

Who just recovered from

Encephalitis or glaucoma,

And those puppets of fate

Who tried to cope with the loss

Of a parent or sibling.

Questions whirl in my mind

And I do wonder…

Can three hours judge the

Performance of tender brains –

Their intelligence, their brilliance?

The silent sufferers,

Tagged as failures,

Shed tears in solitude,

Their dreams being eclipsed –

Stare towards a bleak future.


[Published in ‘melange’, the Sunday supplement of ‘The Sentinel’ on 31 October 2010]


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